By Jim Pruitt

The majority of kids in Dexter schools are not involved with narcotics, tobacco and alcohol.

That’s the message the SRSLY Dexter organization will be promoting to parents and the community overall after a Department of Education survey of students was presented to the Board of Education Sept. 15. The results point to a lot of positives and the group will use the results in its outreach efforts in the district.

SRSLY Dexter coordinator Stephanie Jacques brought two (Drake Rider and Gianna Eisele) of her three (Dimtrios Potsos was ill) interns to the school board meeting Monday night to review the survey’s findings. The survey asked seventh-, ninth- and 11th-graders questions about usage and exposure to alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other narcotics.

The results show Jacques that alcohol and marijuana still play a significant role in local teen life, but that the harder drugs are not a factor in Dexter, she said. The group will be working to get parents and other adults involved to help get kids away from substance abuse, she said.

“We will help in any way possible,” Jacques said.

Among the findings:

-Recent and lifetime use of alcohol is lower among Dexter High Schools students (15; 30 percent) than their peers in the county (17; 35 percent) or the state (30; 60 percent). However, about 17 percent of ninth-graders reported having consumed alcohol compared to 48 percent of 11th-graders.

Only 23 percent of juniors reported having alcohol in the past 30 days compared to 8 percent of freshman. The number of students who reported taking part in binge drinking is 3 percent of ninth-graders and 7 percent of 11th-graders.

-Recent and lifetime use of marijuana and tobacco is also lower among Dexter High Schools students than their peers in the county or the state.

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