On Saturday, January 21, 2017, Dexter High School seniors,  Emma Collins and Vedhika Raghunathan, hosted a benefit concert titled: Think Outside the BACHS: Playing to Promote Local Health and Wellness. The concert took place at 2pm in the Mill Creek Middle School Cafeteria.

As a part of the IB diploma program, the students were required to run a service project, called a Creativity, Service, and Action (CAS) Project. They chose to host a benefit concert featuring some of the high school’s band, choir, and orchestra students and donate the proceeds to SRSLY Dexter. In an email from Emma, she stated that “SRSLY has had such a positive influence in the Dexter community, and we would just love to help support.”

Although the crowd was small, community members donated a total of $419.89 from ticket sales and their bake sale.

“This was my first time hearing Dexter students perform besides half time performances at Dexter football games. The students were amazing! I’m so happy that I was able to attend,” said SRSLY Director, Stephanie Mayweather.

SRSLY extends a special thank you to all of the talented students that participated.  We plan to use the donated funds to go towards programming created by Dexter teens in the near future!

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