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CPTN SRSLY Comic Book Releases

In March, SRSLY Dexter hosted release events at schools throughout the Dexter Community School District to distribute CPTN SRSLY (pronounced: Captain Seriously) comic books to students in grades 2 through 8.

The CPTN SRSLY project is a local collaborative effort that aims to support Dexter youth by teaching them about healthy and positive behaviors.  Comic books connect language and art in a way that draws readers in and encourages literacy among children. By using a medium that kids already enjoy, adults are able to pass along messages that benefit kids and help them establish a positive sense of their place within the community.

Several installments within the series include local Dexter landmarks and the cartoon likeness of local students. The project has grown to include comic book installments for students in grades 2 through 8, a comic workshop where students learn how to create their own comics, and CPTN SRSLY mascots that attend local community events.

The CPTN SRSLY comic book series is valuable for the work SRSLY does as a coalition. The topics and themes for the CPTN SRSLY books are as follows:

2nd grade – Promoting proactive self-care, good hygiene and hand washing

3rd grade – Promoting positive family involvement and working with parents to solve problems

4th grade – Cyberbullying and encouraging students to say something to an adult if they see something bad happening

5th grade – Maintaining one’s integrity despite peer pressure

6th grade – Supporting friends to overcome obstacles

7th grade – Working as a team to achieve a common goal

8th grade – Importance of making your own decisions and standing up for what’s right

Local cartoonist and CPTN SRSLY comic series creator Jerzy Drozd appeared at scheduled release events throughout the school district and taught kids about the basics of creating comics.

Below was the schedule of comic book releases for Dexter students in March:

2nd Grade: Beacon & Anchor Elementary – Thursday March 7

3rd & 4th Grade: Wylie Elementary – Thursday, March 21

5th Grade: Creekside Intermediate – Friday March 22

7th & 8th Grade: Mill Creek – Monday March 18

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