Open to anyone, SRSLY coalition meetings are held once per month, on the first Wednesday (with a few exceptions noted on the calendar). These meetings are open to everyone ages 10 and up, including non-members. We follow the same general agenda every month, which includes time for large and small group discussion, and sub-committee work on current and upcoming projects. This makes our monthly coalition meetings a great way for people to learn about what we are working on, and get involved in whichever projects they like. Coalition members are encouraged to bring friends and family to these meetings. We always have snacks and fun!

Coalition Meeting Schedule: See our Events Calendar for dates and times.

Coalition Meeting Downloads:

HERE are the meeting minutes from our latest Youth Steering Committee (YSC) Meeting!

HERE are the meeting minutes from our latest Adult Steering Committee (ASC) Meeting!


Open to coalition members, work on projects at monthly coalition meetings.



The “people persons” of the coalition – they reach out and recruit new members, making our coalition bigger and better with every single one. They show everyone how much fun it is to be a part of something meaningful. PROGRAMMING: If knowledge is power, then this is a group of super-heroes. They use information to battle destructive behaviors, and they help youth and adults develop skills to join in the fight. Other tools include events, activities and policies to promote healthy youth.


Creativity + data = the yin and yang of effective coalitions. We need artists, writers, brain-stormers, and “data people’ to help promote and evaluate all the cool stuff SRSLY does.


Do you love gossip? Are you always in the know? We need people like you to keep the rest of the coalition in the loop, so we make sure we are relevant and responding to current issues and trends.


Because prevention is too late for some, this sub-committee is responsible for identifying and improving access to resources for kids who need help.
Steering Committees – Youth and Adult: Coalition members invited to serve as decision-makers and representatives of key community sectors. Youth meet monthly. Adults meet quarterly.


Support and facilitate coalition activities.

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