A “SRSLY-Safe Home” is a home in which the family has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children, and any other youth who spend time there. Kids and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes. To learn more, click here. Sign up with your family name below!

Bearmen- Garry

Biggs- Todd & Heidi

Boquette, Charna

Boychuck- Dale

Boydston- Jill & JD


Brisbois- Jill

Brooks- Beth

Dendy- Family

Diab- Tom

Eisel- Karen

Eisele- Family

Fohr- Nick & Lindsey

Gonzales- Family

Guise- Jamie & Tom

Hamilton- Nichole & Bruce

Hilobuk- Family

Hochendoner- Maria & Joe

Judge- Brad & Lisa

Kelly- Susan

Kernahan Family

Kirkey- Kim & Jeff

Knapp- Kevin

Kowalski- Christine

Kowalski- Matt

Kreger- Sandy

Krull- Anna & Randy

Krull- Lori

Lynch- Nancy

Mackey- Mindy

McIntosh- Glen & Julie

McMichael- Nicole and James

Meyer Family

Monroe- Dawn

Naughton- RJ & Jeni

Notestine-Short Catherine

OClair- Belinda & Kent

Olexa- Mark

Parsons/Breeding- Becky

Peachout- Ron & Mary

Prawdzik- Antoinette

Pretto- Carla

Rathbun- Scott & Maggi

Rider- Lin & Phil

Rogers- Chevon & Chris

Sharp- Stephanie

Smith- Kris & Nikki

Stewart- Vanessa

Sturkie- Taylor & Niki

Tassin- Tamiya

Tuomi/Peters- Ryann & John

Vera- Family

Vrsek- Shelly

Watson- Anna

West- Stephen & Amy

Wilberding- Steven

Wing- Suzanne

Woods- Julie

Yount- Jennifer

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